bloom the artiste is a singer/songwriter and musician who started playing the piano at three years of age. Known as Phil to his friends he studied pianoforte, violin and composition at the Royal Academy of Music as well as singing in the choir. At junior school he appeared in the BBC for schools television series ‘Making Music’ which included recording an album at ‘Abbey Road’ studios.

At 14 he joined the first of several bands and co-wrote their first demo which they recorded at Turnham Green, in the same studio as the legendary blues guitarist John Mayall.

Leaving school he worked at Chappell’s music publishers then moved onto Track records home of ‘The Who’ and Fly records to witness the meteoric rise of Marc Bolan from ‘T Rex’.

When his father died bloom gave up his musical aspirations and took up nursing instead; later in his career he became a specialist practitioner in Occupational Health.

However, he never completely gave up on his musical ambitions and continued to write and record whenever he could. His music catalogue extends from pop, to musicals and even a classical ballet. bloom has enjoyed co-writing with other established songwriters including the late Harold Spiro.

Highlights of his life include singing on stage with Viola Wills and meeting the Bee Gees, Marianne Faithful and Princess Diana. bloom says recording the album ‘Embryo’ has been the most satisfying project to date and was inspired by recording in Tin Pan Alley, and one particular day Paul McCartney was in the studio to his right and the Klaxons were to his left!

bloom is a Christian, a vegetarian, and against embryonic research and animal experimentation. bloom now lives in Pinner in North West London where he grew up and attended the same grammar school as Elton John and Simon le Bon.