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1. bloom  2. Anthony Galatis  3. Tommaso Starace  
4. Natalie Tabony  5. Sarah Jane Attard
6. Luke Zammit

All titles, music & lyrics written by Philip Bloom
Producer: Anthony Galatis
Lead Vocals: Philip Bloom

Keyboards all tracks: Anthony Galatis & Philip Bloom
Rhythm tracks programmed: Anthony Galatis
Backing vocals on tracks 6, 11, 12: Natalie Tabony, Sarah Jane Attard, Luke Zammit,
Backing vocals on track 4: Natalie Tabony, Luke Zammit
Backing vocals on track 9: Bloom, Natalie Tabony
Backing vocals on tracks 12: Natalie Tabony, Sarah Jane Attard, Luke Zammit,
Violin on track 12: Julian Ferraretto
All Guitars on Embryo, Can You Feel It, The Beat, Friend, The Angels Calling: Eddie Stewart
Sax on Hey Ev'rybody, Valley Of The King: Tommaso Starace

Album recorded at:
Uptown Studios
Tin Pan Alley
22 Denmark Street

Executive Producer Philip Bloom for Embryo Productions
© 2008 Embryo Music

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