Embryo The Album

Set in the not too distant future on the space laboratory Nemesis, hybrid embryos are being processed for research into disease.

Gloria, a laboratory assistant is transporting a container of embryos and Spartans (donor sperm) from earth to the space lab but she arrives late for the launch so has to quickly take her seat without placing the container in the hold. During the voyage a meteor shower hits the space shuttle which spins out of control causing a great deal of external damage and items to be thrown around inside. The craft is then forced to take a detour and dock at the space laboratory Onuris.

After her horrendous journey Gloria is shaken but not injured and on arrival gladly accepts the hospitality of the Onuris crew to join in their farewell party as some of the team members are returning to earth after a two year secondment. Gloria leaves the container unattended not realising it has been fractured.

This Onuris laboratory is run by a rogue scientist Professor Moloch who has developed a thriving business in replica human organs using therapeutic cloning. He cannot believe his luck when he discovers the container on the laboratory bench.

Gloria gets a little tipsy and is tired after partying and bidding farewell to the crew, so she takes a nap whilst she is waiting to be transferred to Nemesis. She dreams of music embryos but when she awakes she is living a nightmare. Gloria starts to look for the misplaced container and wanders into the disturbing world of Professor Moloch who has been experimenting with stem cells and cross species in vitro fertilisation in order to produce a powerful master species.

The album ‘embryo’ explores the different genres of pop music and is a tribute to their creators.